Bringing you closer to your baby.

The littlebeam™ is a multi-functional nursing pillow that allows for the perfect positioning for breast or bottle feeding babies. Created by Dr. Kathleen McCue, renowned lactation expert, littlebeam™ is ergonomically designed to help babies and mothers find the most comfortable positions in the house or on the go. The littlebeam™ is portable for travel, feeding, and offers great back support for moms when sitting, pumping or sleeping.

Nursing & Feeding

The littlebeam™ Nursing Pillow is a comfortable, supportive pillow to help you position yourself and your baby in a cross-cradle and football hold during breastfeeding. Place the baby firmly at nipple height, making it easy for the baby to latch on.

Tummy Time & Support

In addition to nursing and feeding, the littlebeam™ Nursing Pillow can be used for propping baby and tummy time. It can also be used for mommies as a lower back support in a seated position, as a head rest, or in between your knees for neck and back support while lying down.


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How to Use
Toddler Pillow

Our Toddler Pillow allows your toddler a chance to connect and relate with their nursing mom and new sibling.

Meet The Baby Beam
A full baby is a happy baby. A happy baby means a happy mom.

At  littlebeam™, our products are created by a board certified lactation consultant and mother. Our mission is to bring mothers and babies closer together while nurturing the nursing process.


I bought this before our first trip with our 4 month old. It is good for nursing. It is also good for supporting your elbow while you hold your sleeping baby on an airplane, for adding some extra oomph to the flat hotel pillows, and for putting between your knees if you’re a side sleeper. The longer we have this little thing, the more great uses I find for it.

Lindsay E.

We were first introduced to this product in the hospital by a lactation consultant. After trying it out we bought it on Amazon so it'd arrive at our house by the time I was discharged from the hospital. We use it for feeding, and also for propping up our elbows when holding the baby for longer periods of time. I like how it's not bulky like other pillows. It is a great gift for new moms and dads.

M. Stanelun

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