Dots Extra Slipcover - littlebeam Nursing Pillow

Dots Extra Slipcover - littlebeam Nursing Pillow

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An extra, machine-washable slipcover for the littlebeam breastfeeding pillow.

We want what's best for our babies. Have an extra (or two!) clean slipcovers on hand for your littlebeam breastfeeding pillow. Machine-washable and soft against your baby's skin, stock up on these in every color.

Why littlebeam?


The littlebeam nursing pillow is not just about comfort, Dr. McCue certainly had other things in mind when she created it for the masses. The nursing pillow can also be used for lower back support in a seated position, neck and back support while lying down, headrest or as a tummy time pillow support for babies. Dads can also experience the benefits of littlebeam during bottle feeding.

One Size Fits All

The biggest thing we've learned working with breastfeeding moms is that every mom and baby is unique. That’s why at littlebeam, we designed a pillow that will meet the needs of every mom and caregiver. With no straps, Velcro, or other fastenings, the littlebeam will fit every woman with its body-hugging design that sits comfortably around the waist during a seated and reclined position.


We know breastfeeding outside the home can be a challenge, and that’s why littlebeam offers you the convenience of nursing and feeding while on the road! Moms want to go places, and now they can easily take the littlebeam along for the ride! The full-sized littlebeam is compact enough to fit in a diaper bag—meaning no shortcuts or abbreviated support! Best of all, it arrives in a convenient travel bag!

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Little Beam is the only nursing pillow on the market created by a Lactation Board Certified Doctor and boasts all the features that breastfeeding moms require for comfortable breastfeeding. The nursing pillow is made from 100% luxury memory foam and 100% Cotton machine washable cover. It features a body-hugging design that fits comfortably around the waist during a seated position and places baby squarely at nipple height which makes it easier for him/her to latch on.